My digital illustration

Artboard 1



After seven months on Art & Design Course I know a lot of helpful things about Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

I was working very hard to achieve everything what I can do know. To be honest it wasn’t really difficult, but surely it was labor-intensive.

I have learnt how to:
– open a new paper
– add new layers
– flatten image
– save a file as a JPG,
– open Layers Palette,
– use rectangle tool, move tool, brush tool,
– scale,
– add filters,
– apply photography filter,
– unlock layers,
– make a contact sheet,
– explore auto-contrast, colour, tone,
– create a narrative photography,
– use Photoshop to manipulate photos,
-create a collage,
– create a digital illustration,
– use gradients.

To be honest I think that in Adobe Illustrator I can show my creativity and my skills, I have achieved, better than in Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator is also easier than Adobe Photoshop.

I created some joiners and Photoshop manipulations. I also took some photos of shutter speed, depth of field and some photos in Blackburn for my narrative story collage. In my work I really like colours and general aspect, but I feel like I have to consider being more aesthetic in the future.

My evaluation

For seven weeks I have been working on the “Still life” task. During this time I have learnt how to draw from life,, how to make a continuous-line drawing, how to paint with drawing ink and with acrylic paints. I also have learnt how to sew a small pillow.

After seven weeks I know a lot of about artists who inspired me to create my own pieces of work. I think they still will be in my mind. My favourite artists are Pablo Picasso, who has really specific paintings and Vincent van Gogh with his unique brushwork.

I have also learned how to use a sewing machine, how to make a lino-cut prints, 3D book illustrations and sculptures.

I have learnt a lot about art movements. I have done a research about cubism. During this time I also tried to make my own work at home. I painted one painting inspired by Pablo Picasso still life painting.

The last one thing I have learnt during this time is how to create digital illustrations. I had to choose some photos and later use them as a base for my work. I decided to create my colourful version of the Coca-Cola bottle, glass of water and iPhone 6 plus. After seven weeks I know how to use Adobe Illustrator and how to create creative works.